Traditional Braces vs Contemporary Braces with Super Flexible Wires

Beyond their  traditional color, the only thing traditional about these braces is that you can see them. Contemporary braces are made of super strong metal alloys derived from the space program. Their strength allows them to be the smallest of all braces and therefore the most comfortable. Their density makes them ultra slippery so teeth move faster than they ever have before. Today’s braces, in combination with other high tech super flexible wires mean fewer office visits and faster completed treatments. Many of the treatments we do in our office are completed in less than a year. One of the biggest advantages of having the brackets and wires on for less time there is less chances of getting decay.

Ceramic Braces 

Ceramic braces utilize less noticeable brackets for patients concerned about the way they look. Ceramic brackets are translucent, so they blend in with your natural tooth color. This means that unlike traditional metal braces, with ceramic braces your smile will not look ‘metallic.’ In addition, ceramic brackets are designed so that they won’t stain or discolor over long periods of time. Call our office at 732-246-4443 so that we can let you know if you are a candidate for ceramic braces.


Invisalign also know as Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners more popularly known as Invisalign are custom made aligners that fit over your teeth and are made of a comfortable plastic. They are virtually invisible and worn all the time except when eating. Every 2 weeks these aligners are changed and  that is how your teeth are moved.  Even though they are less noticeable than conventional braces they do not move the teeth (in some cases) much faster. If you are interested in having braces done and you are confused with all the options available for you then call our office at 732-246-4443 for a FREE! Consultation!